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1st International Conference on Entrepreneurial Learning (ICEL)

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The first International Scientific Conference on Education for Entrepreneurship, which will be held in Zagreb, is dedicated to improving the dissemination of knowledge and skills in education for entrepreneurship. It is focused on capacity development through the understanding of entrepreneurship as the key competence for lifelong learning and the initiation and development of relevant educational institutions, the dissemination of European Union policies in education for entrepreneurship, cooperation of schools and businesses, the international networking of educational institutions and the proportion of good practice.

The conference will bring together key players in the field of education for entrepreneurship in Croatia, the region and the European Union, decision makers at all levels, educators, teachers and professors as well as representatives from the business world.

The conference aimsto contribute to the acceptance of entrepreneurship as an educational, social and economic value. The value orientation presupposes the creation of opportunities to develop entrepreneurial competences, on all levels of education and training for entrepreneurship through formal, nonformal and informal education and learning, and by encouraging entrepreneurship as an economic requirement.

Key topics:

  • The importance of entrepreneurial learning in accordance with the pre-accession process: SBA
  • Entrepreneurship (definition, characteristics) as a key competence for lifelong learning
  • The development of entrepreneurial educational institutions
  • Cooperation on education and business entities
  • Dissemination of good practice

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Promotion of entrepreneurship through education system

Zagreb, 27/05/2010

Conference “Promotion of entrepreneurship through education system” was organised on 27th May by Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) within the European SME week 2010 – a project by European commission. Coorganisers of the event were members of Education for Entrepreneurship (E4E), Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Croatian Association of Employers, and Croatian Employment Service.

Main aims of the conference, based on the “Programme for economic recovery” by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, are promotion of entrepreneurship through education system and identifying and aligning the activities of the promotion of entrepreneurship in formal, informal and non-formal education and training in order to contribute to economic growth by creating a stimulating entrepreneurial environment.

Zdenka Peternel, President’s Office Chief of Staff and Managing Director of Human Resource Development Centre, has highlighted that CCE and other institutions have organised numerous events within the European SME week 2010. – Nowadays in hard circumstances of doing business, there is a need to invest in knowledge since it is a crucial prerequisite of improving competitiveness. Within knowledge economy that dominates in developed countries, human capital is the basic resource. Educational process for each individual has to become a continuous engagement that, beside other things, results in higher employability throughout the whole working period. The “Programme for economic recovery” of the Government of Republic of Croatia encompasses the measures in the area of education where CCE is one of the implementation organizations, stated Peternel.

At the same time she noted the importance of lifelong learning recognised by CCE from 2006 when they initiated institutionalised and systematic support to those processes. The aim is to develop awareness of learning as integral part of everyday life with special light on entrepreneurial competences that, among others, encompass critical approach, initiative, innovation, team work abilities, organisational abilities, leadership and management, communication and risk taking abilities. Combining business and education is of special importance. In this context the analysis of the needs for education and training in SME’s should be regarded, stressing the entrepreneurial skills. That is the basis of work of South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) to which CCE provides operational support. Investment in human capital in crisis circumstances is indubitably the most profitable – explained Peternel.

Olga Lui from Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CCTC) talked about the activities of CCTC in the process of entrepreneurial learning in all forms of education processes. – Croatian trades and crafts has a long tradition of education, but there is a need to incorporate the whole economy in that process. The concept of lifelong learning, that integrates education for entrepreneurship, has to be more affirmed. The development of trades and crafts is not possible without the education due to the fact that it incorporates different knowledge and skills. Thereby the quality of education is of huge importance, and it is influenced by all participants, including teachers, craftsmen – expert teachers, CCTC and relevant ministries. It is necessary to articulate short as well as long-term measures like the reform of primary education and rationalisation of school networks and educational programmes, noted Lui.

Dijana Vican, State Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, stated that an efficient connection has been established between economy, science, entrepreneurship, trades and crafts. She explained that every society is developed by reducing the gap between education and material wealth. National curriculum defines the national consensus of priorities in the education process, wherein education for entrepreneurship from the early age is an integral part.

Tihana Kraljić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship said that one of the tasks of the Ministry is to increase the number of subjects of small enterprises and increase the work conditions of the existing ones. Education for entrepreneurship that requires stimulative social atmosphere is of extreme importance. Development of the Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning is in its final phase and soon it will be adopted by the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Such form of education has to target not only beginners but also entrepreneurs with experience. The Ministry defined the criteria for the educators. The entrepreneurial atmosphere needs to be developed at the universities as well, because until now there has been a small number of students who have considered to start their own business.

Mislav Balković from Croatian Association of Employers said that development of the social system of values is in great ways dependable on education. He presented entrepreneurial and innovation practice in Israel, Denmark and Singapore. There are a few entrepreneurial models, like clusters, which focus on start-up companies based on knowledge and innovation, as well as entrepreneurship out of necessity.

Vitomir Tafra, Secretary of National Coordination of Education for Entrepreneurship (E4E) talked about the activities oriented towards promotion of entrepreneurship through the education system.

The conference gathered the decision makers in formal, informal and non-formal education and training (school management, principals, deans), and representatives from business sector that enabled the presentation of the theme “Promotion of entrepreneurship through the education system” from educational as well as economic aspect.

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